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Why Do We Carry Out in home quotations

We have repeat customers who are confident enough to leave a key with a neighbour and trust that the price we charge will be fair and reasonable. In most cases though we will visit in person to do a survey and provide a written quote.

The survey achieves a number of things for both me and the customer.

  • - Firstly I determine the type of carpet if the carpet is laid correctly, looking for signs of loose edge fitting, rippling and fray in room joins.
  • - Then I look at the tip of carpet that is laid. This includes the fibre type, construction method and what the backing materials are made of. I also check that the dyes are stable (or not!). This information gives me a good idea of the type of cleaning solutions that are most appropriate.
  • - I will also look at the extent of the soiling and the areas which will need more attention than others, typically doorways, bottom steps and other heavy traffic areas. If there are any specific marks or stains we can also look at these as well. It is very useful to know the cause of any marks if the customer can advise as this determines the method used to tackle them, in addition to the length of time the mark has been present, and if and how the stain has been treated in the past
  • - I then look the amount of furniture that will need to be moved, we can move most furniture, except anything breakables and anything would cause injury when moving it (a full book case for example)
  • - I then look at property access. Is there a safe place to park, is the job on the top floor of a flat, will a pet run away when the equipment is being unloaded or in use.
  • - I also try to establish if pets live or have lived at the property as this can mean a slightly different technique, and if urine treatment is needed is some areas

In turn I can now advise the customer of the system I will use and establish a realistic expectation of results. Carpet that is wearing thin, has faded in the sunlight or had DIY stain removal efforts applied will not be magically reinstated to an as new condition by cleaning.

Assuming all is well at this point I can determine a price. I price jobs up by the square foot. There are no hidden extras – the whole cleaning process is employed every time. This is why I don’t advertise fixed prices and can only give estimates over the phone. I always aim to provide a quality service at a price that is fair to the customer and also gives me enough to keep a roof over my head!

To book a fee survey, CALL US NOW ON 01843 260444, or use the form above and I will call you back

Spot & Stain Remover Just for booking a carpet cleaning quotation, we will give you a complimentary gift of 500ml of spot and stain remover.

Not only that, I will also give you a free replacement when ever you run out

  • No dwell time required - just apply and agitate

  • No detergents - so no sticky residue - non-foaming.

  • Completely non-toxic - Safe for all

  • Non irritating - even if not rinsed is safe for babies and pets.

  • Odourless - absolutely no fumes - safe to use around asthmatics.

  • No bleaching agents - no light patches left after treatment.

This product is so special that we prefer not to sell it. We only give it to our clients to thank them for their continued business.

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Absolutely delighted with the job you have just carried out for me, so much so that I would like you to come back next week and clean my dining room chairs

Yvonne, Margate, 23rd August 2015
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